Thursday, July 23, 2015

Church Capital Campaign – Popular Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions, and what many church members and leaders think they know about a church capital campaign is simply not true.
  • Misconception #1 – All they do is preach about money.
    • A church capital campaign is really not about money – it’s about the mission. We actually talk about stewardship of at least 5 other things besides just money. A capital campaign is not really about money - it's about God's provision for the mission and the work God has given to the church.
  • Misconception #2 – We can do it ourselves. This is both true and not true.
    • Yes, you can do it without help, but just because you can, does not mean you should. (See 1 Cor. 10:13DIY capital campaigns raise, on average, only about one-half what churches who get expert coaching raise.
  • Misconception #3 – A capital campaign pressures people. Both true and not true.
    • properly run church capital campaign does not pressure or coerce people into giving. You can certainly do a church capital campaign poorly (and many churches do), but a proper capital campaign does not use pressure, gimmicks, or guilt.
  • Misconception #4 – We can do this quickly.
      • Not taking your time will reduce the effectiveness of the campaign. A proper campaign schedule gives you time to do it well without burning out staff or campaign team while also increasing the spiritual and financial results.
Learn more about how to organize and execute a biblical church capital campaign
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